Diba Kohan

داستان Diba

My name is Diba and I recently I celebrated my birthday and turned six years old. For my birthday I asked my friends and family to gift health to poorly children in Iran whose mummy's and daddy's do not have enough money to pay for their healthcare. I would like to thank all my amazing family and friends for all the kind and generous donations. Fifty one million Iranian tomans was raised, one hundred and fifty eight children have been helped from all over Iran. Thank you all so much. You can scroll down to see all the children that we have helped together Diba Kohan تاکنون به 247 بيمار در 23 استان به مبلغ 88,220,000 تومان کمک کرده است.


Diba به 247 نفر در 23 استان کشور کمک کرده است.

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